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GEHAtotal brings you the essential tools you need to protect your financial health.

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Care for what matters most

Life Insurance

There is invaluable confidence that comes with making sure those you care for would have what they need if you were no longer around. That’s why we offer GEHAtotal Life Insurance.

Whether it’s money for paying off the house, covering college costs, or just making sure they can live comfortably, we’ll help you get the coverage, and most importantly, the confidence you need.

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An insurance policy for your paycheck

Income Protection

For most of us, our greatest financial asset is our ability to earn an income. GEHAtotal Short-Term Income Protection helps protect this incredibly valuable asset.

If a significant illness or injury kept you from working for months, you would still have a source of income. Think of it as an insurance policy for your paycheck.

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Because accidents happen

Accident Expense Protection

Unexpected costs have a irritating habit of accompanying accidents. GEHAtotal Accident Expense Protection gives you the cash you need for expenses that aren’t covered by your health insurance. It helps you make sure that a temporary setback doesn’t put you in a financial hole.

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