Because accidents happen

Accident Expense Protection – keeping temporary setbacks temporary

Life can drop a speedbump right in your path. GEHAtotal Accident Expense Protection is here to make sure a physical setback doesn’t become a financial setback. 

Many people don’t think about the unexpected costs that can accompany an accident. Sure, your medical insurance is in place to help you pay for the doctor and hospital bills. But, an accident could severely change your routine, causing you to need more child care or special transportation. An accident can also cause you to miss work (and a few paychecks). But there are still bills to pay – from utilities to the mortgage to groceries and school tuition. 

Accident Expense Protection gives you a fixed cash payment based on the nature of the accident. This is your money to use as you decide to help you pay your utilities, car payment and school tuition, for instance. At the very least, you can use the cash to help pay your medical deductible and copay expenses.

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